Bon Appétit! Questions To Ask Your Wedding Catering Service

Everything about your wedding day should be perfect, and that definitely includes your catering. You want to impress friends, family, and other guests with delicious dining. From tantalizing hors d’oeuvres to a classy main course, your guests deserve nothing but the best food on your wedding day.

But how do you choose the right wedding catering service? Well, the experts at Olivia Restaurant are here to help with a useful series of questions you need to ask your wedding catering service.

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What Types Of Catering Do You Specialize In?

Your first point of discussion with any catering company should be their food. You want to get a sense of what types of dining your possible caterer can provide for your wedding, and talking to them is the only way to get to the bottom of that. Many catering companies will say they can cook anything, but in reality their chefs only specialize in a few styles of cooking. You also need to see what serving options your catering will provide. Do they provide table service catering? Or will they only provide buffet style dining? Be sure that the type of food and style of dining matches the overall vibe you want to have at your wedding.

Olivia Restaurant’s catering services specialize in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, with authentic dishes guaranteed to wow your wedding party.

Can You Accommodate Food Allergies?

Even if you’re having a small wedding, there will likely be some guests with food allergies or intolerances. Many people are allergic to common ingredients like dairy, nuts, and eggs, while others might be gluten intolerant or have other dietary concerns. You need a catering company that can handle special requests on a moments notice, with skilled chefs who can modify dishes to fit any dietary needs. If your potential wedding caterers can’t make those accommodations, or seem inflexible, then you might want to hire someone else.

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Can You Handle My Guest List?

Weddings force catering services to provide food to big numbers of people all at once. And some caterers just can’t handle the numbers. Be sure to discuss the number of guests you’re having with your prospective caterers, and double-check that they’ll be able to handle your guest list. Ask if they’ve catered events with as many guests as you’re having, and gauge their response when making your final decision. If they haven’t, and seem concerned about the challenge, then you should probably pick another company.

May I Review Your References?

Think of choosing a wedding catering company like interviewing candidates for a job. As you know, part of every job interview is checking references, and you’ll definitely want to chat with some of your possible catering service’s previous clients. If the service provides glowing references, then you know you’ve made a great decision. And if they are apprehensive about providing references, or their previous clients have major complaints, then you need to choose another option.

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Can We Schedule A Tasting Before My Wedding Day?

You should give your caterer freedom to design a delicious menu, but you still need to know that your wedding dishes will be delicious. That’s why you need to schedule a tasting before your wedding day. Most catering companies will include a tasting as part of their catering packages, so be sure to see when you can schedule one before your big day.

What Info Do You Need About My Wedding?

Once you’ve made a decision, you need to provide your catering company with all the important details of your wedding. Check to see what information they need to know, and be sure to help them along the way. Caterers may need specific information about your wedding venue, like where they can prepare food at the venue and the reception table layout. Be sure to check-in with them throughout the process to ensure they have all the info they need.

Finding a great wedding catering service is tough, but with some thoughtful planning you’ll be able to get great food for your event. And if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Los Angeles, be sure to consider Olivia Restaurant. Our restaurant event venue is perfect for wedding receptions, with delicious catering and beautiful accommodations perfect for any event. For more information on booking and availability, contact Olivia Restaurant today.