How To Create The Perfect Signature Wedding Cocktail

Weddings are all about celebration, togetherness, and fun, and nothing gets the party going quite like a signature wedding cocktail.

Signature wedding drinks have become a must-have in recent years, but actually designing your cocktails is easier said than done. You want to provide guests with something completely original, allowing them to indulge in bold flavors you can’t get at your average bar. With that in mind, the team at Olivia Restaurant is here to provide some tips and advice on how to create the perfect signature wedding cocktail.

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Incorporate Your Wedding Colors

Taste might be a priority when crafting a wedding cocktail, but remember, drinking is also a visual experience. People will be more willing to try a new drink if it looks delicious, and a great way to bring some visual pop to your drinks is to incorporate your wedding colors in your wedding cocktails.

Try incorporating different colors of juice or syrups to add bright colors to your drinks. And if your wedding colors are difficult to match in the cocktail itself, you can always use creative garnishes, straws, or napkins to incorporate your colors.

Utilize Seasonal Flavors

Every chef knows that you should use fresh ingredients whenever possible, and the same rule applies to the bar. And while “fresh” might be a tricky thing to achieve with alcohol, you’ll be able to provide guests with a sense of freshness by utilizing seasonal flavors in your cocktails.

But some extra thought into your wedding drinks by having them match classic flavors of the season. For example if you’re getting married in Summer, try something cold and fruity to help guests beat the heat. And if you live near an area known for its produce, you can always add some fresh local fruit to your drinks. No matter the season, you’ll be able to use some delicious seasonal flavors.

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Create Multiple Wedding Cocktails

It’s pretty tough to satisfy the tastes of all your wedding guests. There’s no guarantee everyone will love what you have to offer, but a great way to try and please your guests is to give them multiple options.

Consider creating at least two signature wedding cocktails — one for you, and one for your spouse — that way, it’s guaranteed that the two guests of honor will have drinks they love. And with more wedding drinks, everyone else has more to enjoy too.

Use Creative Names

Every classic cocktail has a great name, and giving your wedding drinks a creative name will make them much more memorable. We recommend taking inspiration from memorable moments in your relationship with your spouse, creating a cocktail that honors your love with a one-of-a-kind name.

Take Inspiration From The Classics

If you’re having difficulty crafting your wedding drinks, you can always take inspiration from some of the classics. People love classic drinks like the margarita, Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, martinis, and others, and these longtime favorites can provide the perfect starting point for original drinks. Consider swapping out some of the traditional ingredients in these classics with something fresh and exciting, bringing modern twists to the classics.

A signature wedding cocktail will help make your big day an even more memorable event, and with some thoughtful and creative planning, you’ll be able to create the perfect wedding drinks. And if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Los Angeles, consider Olivia Restaurant. Our event venue and restaurant is perfect for intimate weddings, with delicious catering options you’ll simply love. For more information on booking and availability, contact Olivia Restaurant today.