Plan The Perfect Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Wedding Menu!

Olivia Restaurant’s event venue is the perfect place to host a wedding reception, but your reception won’t be a success without some delicious food.

Our expert chefs specialize in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods, which are bound to bring some unique flavor to your wedding reception. From meat hungry carnivores to vegetarians and everyone in between, you’ll be able to find the perfect dish. And the catering team at Olivia Restaurant can help you craft the perfect menu for your event.

We’ve crafted a list of some of the best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes to help inspire your wedding menu. Our staff can expertly craft these meals and more to your specifications — so don’t worry if you need to make changes!

Falafel Platter

These fried balls are made from chick peas and/or fava beans, and are the perfect bite-sized treat to serve alongside other appetizers. For the perfect appetizer, consider serving a falafel platter that includes some fresh or pickled vegetables and dipping sauces. This dish is also a great vegetarian-friendly option, bringing some variety to your menu.


Spanikopita is a traditional Greek pastry comprising of feta cheese, chopped spinach, onions and seasonings wrapped and baked in filo pastry. Its creamy filling and crispy dough make this one a guaranteed crowdpleaser. While it probably works best as an appetizer during wedding receptions, you could also serve spanikopita as part of an entree.

Shish Kebabs

Shish kebabs are a staple in both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, and for good reason. Kebabs are simple dishes that pack tons of flavor, and can be customized however you like. Our kitchen specializes in pork shish kebabs with bell peppers, tomatoes and onions as well as shrimp kebabs with lemon, garlic and spices, but you can use just about anything in your kebab recipe. Chicken, beef, pork and vegetables are all perfect components to a shish kebab. With the combination of Mediterranean spices and ingredients, you’ll have the perfect kebab for your wedding guests.

Chicken Kievsky

Though it has Russian origins, chicken kievsky (a.k.a. chicken kiev) became popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean during the Soviet-era. And it just so happens to be one of our specialties. This hearty dish is a pounded chicken fillet rolled around cold butter, then coated in eggs and breadcrumbs for frying or baking. Chicken kievsky is similar to chicken cordon bleu, though with a butter center instead of ham and cheese. Our variation includes dill for a slightly sweet, citrusy flavor.

Mediterranean-Style Leg Of Lamb

Lamb is a standard part of many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, so why not showcase the meat at your wedding?  A Mediterranean-style leg of lamb is the perfect entree for your wedding, providing a hearty option bound to please meat lovers. And for a complete dish, consider serving with rice and roasted potatoes.


Of course, you’ll need to have some dessert on your menu. You should probably have a tradtional wedding cake, but if you’re looking for something extra consider adding baklava to the menu. Like spanikopita, baklava is also made from filo. Though in this case, the pastry is sweetened, typically with syrup or honey. Baklava is also traditionally filled with chopped nuts, so if you have guests who are allergic to nuts you might want to consider an alternative filling.

If you’re looking for the perfect Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes for your wedding reception, you’ll definitely want to consider Olivia Restaurant. Our world-class chefs will craft delicious and authentic dishes sure to impress your guests. Feel free to contact us for information on menu accommodations and more. And be sure to take a tour of Olivia Restaurant for an inside look at our venue.