5 Questions To Consider When Planning Your Corporate Event

Corporate events can be a major boost for any business. They gather together coworkers, clients and more for an exciting occasion tied to your company, making your business look great along the way. But of course, you’ll only look good if you have a successful event.

Actually planning a corporate event can be pretty tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. Olivia Restaurant is one of Los Angeles’ best corporate event venues, and we’re here to help make your next event a success. With that in mind, we’re running through some important questions you need to consider when planning your next corporate event.

1) What Type Of Event Are You Hosting?

Corporate events take many forms, from company holiday parties to product launches, charity dinners and more. Before moving forward with planning, ask yourself what type of event will best serve your business. It’s a pretty obvious question, but brainstorming different event concepts before planning will ensure your event is a success!

2) How Many People Should You Invite?

Once you know what kind of event you’re hosting, it’s time to compile a guest list. Typically, you’ll want to invite your coworkers as well as important clients. And if you’re hosting something like a charity event or product launch, you might want to invite potential clients, members of the press and and influencers in your industry to generate buzz and lend credibility to the event.

Olivia Restaurant fits up to 150 people, making it a great choice for a mid-sized event. However, if you’re looking for a more intimate setting you might want to consider our sister venue, the De Luxe Lounge. And for a larger venue, consider visiting the De Luxe Ballroom.

3) How Are You Promoting The Event?

Every successful event needs some proper promotion, but what’s the best strategy for your corporate event? For a smaller event, personalized invitations might be the best way to go. For larger, more public events, you might want to draft a press release and send it to industry publications to help build buzz. Even something as simple as a Facebook event can help get guests excited about your event.

4) Do You Need Food?

Guests at a corporate event almost always expect something special, and an easy way to make them happy is with some delicious food. If you’re hosting a corporate party, you’ll definitely need some catering. Be sure to consider a variety of options and before deciding how to cater your event.

Luckily, Olivia Restaurant can help when it comes to catering. Our world-class kitchen offers a variety of catering options, and while we specialize in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food we can cater to whatever your needs may be.

5) How Do You Follow-Up With Event Guests?

The impact of your corporate event can last beyond the event itself. You want guests to feel like they’re an important party of your company, and an easy way to do that is by following-up with your guests. Something simple like sending out thank you emails or sharing event photos to social media is an easy way to make guests remember how great your event was, reminding them of your company’s success.

Corporate events can be pretty tricky to plan, but taking the time to analyze every element of the event will help you ensure success. Luckily, Olivia Restaurant is here for all your corporate event needs. Our centralized location, high-class amenities and delicious food make our venue the perfect location for your corporate event. Feel free to contact Olivia Restaurant to start planning your next corporate event today!

And for a closer look at our venue, be sure to check out the video below.