The Start Of A Spiritual Journey

Make your child’s spiritual day a special celebration. Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about hosting the Christening reception yourself? You can have your child’s baptism reception at your home, but then you would have to put in a lot of your time and energy. Forget all the hassle; let us host this day for you, without much of your precious time and energy. We can take care of all the arrangements for you-with all the bells and whistles.baptismolivia First thing, make your guest list; our event space takes up to 150 guests. Second, contact us to book the date. You can also come in to view our lovely banquet room. When you come to talk to us, we can help you with your theme. What would represent your child’s character? We can advise you on the theme, colors, décor, cake, table linens, and more. What would you like to serve your guests? We’ll make you a custom menu to suit you and your guests. Ok we’re all done, ready to go… All you need now is to show up on your special date and enjoy!