Renewing Your Vows

50thweddinganniversaryEver thought about renewing your vows? Some couples decide to renew their vows every year, five years, and some decades later. Some couples renew their vows because they never got a chance to throw a big celebration party when they were getting married.  Perhaps as couples you were too busy to plan a wedding reception or couldn’t afford one and now you are able or there was a disaster or loss in one of your families and you couldn’t celebrate at that time. Maybe you’re a couple that wants to just renew your vows for celebration and an official reaffirmation of how sacred your continuous commitment and love for one another is.  As a couple you need to decide who you will invite. Do you both want to throw an extravagant party with an ongoing guest list, or would you rather have an intimate party with close friends and family? These are aspects to think about, because even though it’s a renewal of vows reception, it can be as elaborate as any wedding.  You don’t need to exchange new rings; you can renew your vows by reaffirming your original rings.  Renewing vows doesn’t require a marriage license, but there is quite a lot of planning involved.  You need to decide the site of your reception, what flowers, cake, menu, and much more. Once you’ve got all the plans going, start to write your vows. Through your renewal of vows, you can express how much your union matters to you-write something a little different this time around. After all, your feelings of love should be deeper and grow fonder of your significant other as time passes.