Be A Star At Your Sweet 16

Planning a sweet sixteen party can be really exciting! I remember my sixteenth birthday which I had at my house. My party was fun for most of the evening, but I couldn’t invite too many people and what ended up happening was a lot of people crashed my party; then it was utter chaos! Nowadays, you can have your birthday party at a reception hall and you won’t get stuck with having it at home. You don’t need to worry about security and you and your guests can enjoy your party in a safe environment here, which is a relief for most parents. You don’t need to be rich like the girls on “My Super Sweet 16” to have the party of your dreams at Olivia Restaurant. sweet16We have affordable event packages that will suit your budget.    At Olivia we can take care of your special birthday from start to finish. We’ll help you pick your sweet 16 party theme, depending on your character and your passions. Picking a party theme is really exciting because you can do so much to your venue. Imagine walking into your party and all the decorations represent you; quiet awesome.  Do you want to be a movie star for the night with a Hollywood themed party? We’ll roll out the red carpet for you and all your V.I.P guests. We can surround your party with Oscar statues and stars embellishing the floor depicting the “Hollywood Walk Of Fame”.  At Olivia, you can party like a Hollywood star and you don’t need the celebrity income.