The Best Bridal Shower Games To Play at Olivia Restaurant

Bridal Party Scratchers

Olivia Restaurant is the ideal place to host your bridal shower, but finding activities that will be appropriate for women of varying ages and generations can be a challenge for whomever is planning the party. To help fill the house between eating Olivia’s world-class catering and dancing on our beautiful dance floor, our event coordinators offer the following bridal shower games:

Game #1: Who’s Who?

The object of this game is simple: write down 20 little-known facts about the bride and groom, then have each guest try to guess which person belongs to each fact. This game takes a little prep work – the person organizing the party will have to get the bride and groom to volunteer some private information about themselves – but the result can be hilarious. To motivate attendees, give away a bottle of wine to the person who matches the most weird facts to their owner.

Game#2: Marriage Advice

Pass out note cards and pens, then ask every guest to write down the most important piece of relationship/marriage advice they know and deposit all the cards in a fish bowl. Laughter will probably ensue as the bride-to-be reads each card aloud, but she’ll also glean some great advice from the women she admires most. (Be forewarned: this game can get a little racy, especially if you allow “bedroom advice” to remain in fair play.)

Game #3: Wedding Scratchers

Gambling is fun for guests of all ages, and bridal scratchers tickets (like these!) are a fun way to get everyone involved for a few minutes of fun. Simply scratch off the shiny surfaces on these beautiful hand-made cards, and whoever reveals the diamond wins the game!

Game #4: Pin The Ring on the Groom!

To play this game, have the groom pose for a head-to-toe hi-resolution photo (preferably in his tuxedo), then ask your local print shop for life-sized copy of the husband-to-be. Hang the poster on one of the venue walls, then have blind-folded bridal shower guests take turns trying to pin the ring on the groom’s hand; whomever gets closest to their target wins.

Game #5: Donate a Recipe

This activity is not so much a game as a way for newlyweds to add some great recipes to their collection. Before the party, ask every guest to write down their favorite recipe on a note card, then compile all the recipes into a cool recipe box. For a fun twist, have the bride pick out her favorite dish of the bunch; the person who donated that particular recipe wins!