Celebrating Graduation

graduationpartyAre you graduating soon? Graduating school is such a fine accomplishment and for some a dream come true. When you think of all the energy and the late night studying you have done over the years and wonder, ‘is it all worth it”? Of course it’s worth it! Having the opportunity to even get an education is special. People from some other countries do not have the opportunity to get an education, like us here in the United States. If you’ve worked hard and met your goals with school, you should celebrate your accomplishment. Celebrate by throwing a party, and yes you should make a big deal about it! Your education and experience is a part of you and you should reward yourself for coming to the finish line. Show off your special success and let all the people you know that you have met your goal and want them to celebrate with you. What was the major that you graduated from? You can have a party with your major theme. Did you play college sports? You can incorporate your teams or mascots colors. Your theme can represent you and your success. Graduation is a momentous milestone! Celebrate this special occasion.