5 Great Ideas for Your Something Borrowed

something borrowed olivia restaurantSomething old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This is a saying every bride has heard of. And while it may seem like more of a folktale to some, many brides love the idea of keeping this tradition alive. As often as you have probably heard the term “something borrowed” in your life, you may not know what it actually means. It is said that including something borrowed on your wedding day is supposed to bring you a lifetime of marital bliss. And even more so if the item is from a loved one with a strong marriage of their own. If you love the idea of incorporating this romantic tradition into your wedding, here are a few unique ideas to consider.

The First Dance Song

If you don’t already have a rock solid plan for the song you want to dance to during your first dance as husband and wife, consider using the song your parents danced to at their wedding, if they’re still together. Surprise your parents with your choice on the day of when you walk onto the dance floor, and you will surely see many teary eyes. It will be a special memory for you both to share from your weddings.

Wedding Décor

If any family members have some sentimental pieces of décor that would suit your theme, this makes for a perfect “something borrowed” element that can also save you money and bring a more personal vibe to your special day. Vintage vases, tea cups, old books, and art are a few great ideas to incorporate special borrowed items from your loved ones.

Dress Up Your Bouquet

Add some bling to your bridal bouquet by pinning a vintage brooch borrowed from your grandmother. Another idea is to wrap a string of pearls around the bottom of the bouquet. This extra detail will look beautiful with your flowers and will be very special for you to hold close to your heart while you walk down the aisle, especially as a way to honor a grandmother who has passed.

Hair Accessories

Turn to your sister, cousin, or best girl friends for hair accessories as your something borrowed. Veils, head pieces, clips, combs, and tiaras are great ideas. You can share this special little detail with a family member or best friend and keep this memory for the rest of your lives. While this is not a hair accessory, borrowing a pair of vintage gloves from a loved one to wear at your ceremony is also a lovely touch if your wedding is themed in a vintage style.

The Vows

No, you shouldn’t completely copy someone else’s vows. That wouldn’t be very personal to you and your new spouse, and your vows should be said from your heart. With that said, take some inspiration from a loved one or a favorite author, song writer, or poet and steal a line or two to incorporate into your own vows.

“Something borrowed” doesn’t have to mean the same thing to every bride. Take this age-old tradition and make it your own, by incorporating something that is meaningful to you.