The Many Benefits Of A Small Wedding

Small Wedding

While many couples throw a huge wedding with most of their friends and family, other couples prefer a smaller gathering with their absolute nearest and dearest. There are plenty of good reasons for this, from saving money to the couple simply wanting to have more time with their guests. A small wedding venue can also be more romantic and special.

Read below for some of the best reasons to go with a smaller wedding.

A Smaller Wedding Cuts Down The Stress

Wedding planning is already stressful enough, and planning a big wedding can double the headache. When couples have a huge, 200+ wedding guest list, it can be difficult to find a way to make sure everyone is fed and has enough drinks and cake. There are more invitations to order, more name cards to make, more wedding favors to consider, and more people to think about. It’s also harder to make changes in your budget with the high costs of a larger wedding.

However, with a smaller wedding, you’ll be cutting down on a lot of that stress. Couples will be able to find vendors more easily, there will be less guests to consider, and there will be less risks of going over budget.

A Smaller Wedding Allows Couples To Save

Speaking of the budget, having a smaller wedding obviously means that a couple won’t be spending as much money on the celebration. Many couples plan their budget by cost-per-guest—so the more guests, the higher the cost. Couples will pay for less food, less drinks, and will pay less for small wedding venue.

A Small Wedding Allows Some Extravagances

Because having a smaller wedding will cost less, some couples find that they can indulge in other areas that are a bit pricier, such as gourmet catering instead of basic catering; better wedding attire; fancier reception entertainment, or even a better honeymoon. Even with a little extra spending here and there in certain areas, you’ll probably spend less than you would if you had a large wedding.

You’ll Have More Freedom With Your Reception

One of the best things about having a smaller wedding is that you can have your reception nearly anywhere—by the beach, in a nice restaurant, in a backyard, or even at a friend’s home. Small wedding venues tend to be more intimate and romantic, perfect for a wedding. And because it will be a smaller number of people, you can be sure that everyone will be able to eat and drink until they’re satisfied!

A Small Wedding Lets You Relax

Chances are, if you’re having a small wedding with around 50-60 guests, those guests are people who are closest to you in your life. Because you won’t be surrounded by random family members, friends from kindergarten, and people you don’t know that well, you’ll be much more likely to relax in the presence of those you know and love the most. You’ll feel more comfortable and familiar with these select few than you will with hundreds of faces.

Couples Get More Time With Guests

When you’re a couple with a 300+ guest list, it’s going to be difficult to mingle with everyone at your wedding reception. Many people find trying to split their attention between many guests to be very stressful, since some guests will be offended if you haven’t “spent enough time” with them. This is another reason that a smaller wedding can be a great idea: you’ll have plenty of time to chat with each guest.

Small and intimate weddings have many advantages, and it may be the exact right type of wedding for you! Consider these reasons and make the decision for yourself and your fiancé.

At Olivia Restaurant, we have hosted wedding receptions of all sizes alongside our larger and even smaller wedding venues. We are happy to offer a stunning small wedding venue at Olivia Restaurant, an even smaller, 50-guest lounge for receptions, or a larger wedding venue at De Luxe Banquet Hall. If you decide a smaller wedding is right for you, please feel free to contact us about availability!