5 Good Reasons Why You Should Book Olivia for your Holiday Office Party

De Luxe Ballroom Venue Customization

The holidays are a time to give back to your loved ones. We give gifts, spend time with family, and donate to charities. As a boss, you have the opportunity to make a big differencve in the lives of your employees.

The holiday office party is a time-honored tradition around the country; it is a chance for employees to kick back, reflect on a successful year, and enjoy themselves.

We know that it would be easier to put some punch and Christmas cookies in the break room, but the gesture would go a lot further if you really made this party count. That is why we are presenting 5 reasons why it is better to reserve Olivia Restaurant than throw the party at the office.

1) Relaxed Environment

Employees spend around 300 days per year in the office, which tends to associate it with expense reports and printing copies of legal documents. Basically, the exact opposite of a party atmosphere.

At Olivia, you can enjoy our modern décor and personal service, but mostly you can relax and forget about your job for a few hours. This peace of mind is well-worth paying a few extra bucks to rent the space.

2) Delicious Catering

Our specialty is Mediterranean food, like mezze, kebabs, and fresh seafood, which will make your mouth water. With a full menu of entrees and appetizers, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

3) Dance Floor

Olivia Restaurant features a large dance floor for guests who really want to get into the Christmas spirit. Feel free to let loose and dance your butt off all night long. We even have turntables, speakers and an in-house DJ, if you would like to hire him or choose your own. Or reserve an evening when our live band is playing to really get the full experience.

4) Private Events are Inexpensive

We rent out our space to private parties for social and corporate events, where the host is often surprised by how cheaply he or she can reserve the space. With affordable rates, you don’t have to dip into your employee bonuses.

5) Attentive Service from the Staff

We want your experience to be perfect, so our committed staff will help you in any way possible. We can assist in setting up decorations, take special requests for dinner, or help you hire entertainment.

Give Olivia Restaurant a call at 818-556-5299 for more details, to take a tour, or to book a reservation. Your employees will definitely appreciate this Christmas party.