5 Unique Christmas Party Themes: Tips for Holiday Party Planning

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Welcome back party planners! Today we have a really fun article for you that attempts to transform your Christmas party from mundane to amazing. Christmas parties tend to be a lot of the same; green and red, tinsel, Santa, eggnog, and fruit cake. But no longer.

Olivia Restaurant offers 5 unique ideas that will elevate your celebration to new heights, like the star atop the tree. Ho Ho Ho!

1) Ugly Sweater Party

For reasons unknown to mankind, Aunts and Grandmothers have been knitting ugly Christmas sweaters for decades that now collect dust in used clothing and thrift stores. Luckily, these fine pieces of art can get the appreciation they deserve at your party. An ugly sweater party is a fun, but cheap, way to spice up the holidays.

2) White Elephant Exchange

For another budget party idea, try a white elephant exchange. This involves each guest bringing a gag gift, something that is no more than $5. Each person puts his or her name on a slip of paper and puts it in a hat (Santa Claus cap for extra cheerfulness) and pulls out a random name to give their gift to. People will laugh at the random items they receive. It is also a great way to induce mingling between friends who have never met.

3) White Christmas

For a more formal theme, try White Christmas. No, this doesn’t involve everyone doing Bing Crosby karaoke; it is a party where everyone dresses in white. To stay on theme, have the events venue decorated in white lights, decorations, and fake snow, with white wine, hard eggnog and vodka-based drinks for refreshment.

4) Nightmare Before Christmas

Based on the Tim Burton classic with the same name, this party combines Halloween and Christmas decorations into one ghoulishly merry event! Drape fake cobwebs with spiders on the tree, but a Santa suit on your skeleton, and hand out presents with spooky surprises inside.

5) Christmas in July… In December!

Also called Christmas at the Beach, this party is perfect for Los Angeles. Why pretend that you live in an area where it snows when you can celebrate the year-round beautiful weather? Spread sand around the floor, use a palm tree instead of a pine, and drink frosty margaritas rather than hot spiced cider.

Hope these themes gave you some creative ideas for your holiday party!