Salsa Dancing in Los Angeles Every Thursday Night!

Olivia Even Venu - Above-And-Beyond Service girlfriend tricked me- I mean convinced me– to take some Salsa lessons a few months ago. She found a great deal on Groupon and, before I could protest, we were enrolled in a dancing class.

At the time, I thought it was going to be nuisance, like the Bikram yoga sessions that I was also roped into (I’ve never sweat so much in my life). Instead, it turned out to be a lot better than I ever expected, like our couples’ mani/pedis.

The point is, what could have been a horrendous task turned into an enjoyable weekly date night. To top it off, I was actually pretty good!

When our 10 lessons were over, we faced a dilemma; what to do with our new-found skill? Should we continue taking classes? Wait for parties and weddings with salsa music? Or just forget the bonding experience and move onto something else?

Knowing that it’s a struggle to force me to try anything new, my girlfriend decided to nurture our salsa skills at Olivia Restaurant.

You see, Olivia, located in our neighborhood of Burbank, offers salsa dancing every Thursday night. It is a casual experience where we don’t have to feel like pros and can just enjoy ourselves. They even have dancing experts to offer tips and help us execute new moves.

We used to attend a Wednesday Trivia Night with a group of friends at a local pub, but this event has gradually replaced it. We have even convinced other couples to join us for Mediterranean cuisine, cocktails, and getting our boogie on.

If you’re interested in trying some new activities, I highly recommend salsa dancing at Olivia Restaurant. It makes for a romantic evening, good exercise, and tons of fun! And hey, it has got to be better than crocheting or synchronized swimming classes.