Why On-Site Wedding Receptions are Gaining Popularity

Olivia Wedding Venue

Traditionally, the wedding has taken place at a temple, church, or other place of worship, while the reception was at a separate venue afterwards. Lately, though, using the same Los Angeles banquet hall or wedding venue has become a viable alternative. They hold the ceremony at one end, and then move guests into another area for the food, dancing, and bouquet toss.

What are some of the advantages of using only one location? We lay out 4 reasons why hosting the ceremony and reception at Olivia Restaurant is beneficial.


Wedding transportation is already a hassle. You probably have family members visiting from out of town who have a hard enough time finding one location, let alone two. This makes it easier for them. Also, many families have Grandparents, Great Uncles & Aunts, and other elderly members who have difficulty moving. Allowing them to stay in one venue without needing to re-load them into the car is very helpful.


Very simply, decorating two venues is more time consuming and difficult. If you can focus on only one space, even if it is divided into sections for the ceremony and reception, it will be time-saving. Plus, you won’t have to drive between venues checking the progress.

Less Expensive

Booking one wedding venue, even for a longer period, will be significantly less expensive than booking two spaces. This is a great way to reduce your budget or move funds towards other areas.

Reduces Stress

Guests will have an easier time enjoying themselves if they do not need to worry about shuttling from one location to another. They can be content to settle in, knowing that they won’t have to pack up their belongings and move in an hour.

Alternative Solutions

If you have your heart set on getting married in a separate location from the reception, but still like the convenience of using only one reception hall, we have a suggestion: book Olivia Restaurant and De Luxe Banquet Halls. These sister venues are located next door to each other, but have very distinct styles and décor. You could use one for the marriage ceremony and then move next door for the reception; it’s the perfect compromise.