Throwing a Classy Bridal Shower

bridal showerBridal showers are distinct from bachelorette parties for a reason; they have different tones and guest lists. Whereas the bachelorette party features only your closest friends, the bridal shower can include grandmothers, aunts, children, church members, and other relatives.

Because of this dichotomy, it is in your best interests to throw both celebrations, so that you can have a fun party without excluding anyone. While we will leave the bachelorette party planning to your maid of honor, Olivia Restaurant does have some tips on how to throw a classy, sophisticated wedding shower.

1) Warn Friends about their Gifts

You never know what will offend someone; even something as innocuous as lingerie may upset your future mother-in-law. Inform your friends to save the risqué gifts for the bachelorette party, or to set them aside to open after the shower. No matter how much effort you put into creating a classy atmosphere, it can be undone with a tasteless present, so send out a text or Facebook message to anyone you think should be warned.

wedding shower appetizers2) Full Array of Tasty Appetizers

Instead of serving a sit-down meal, you can select an assortment of appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, and finger foods. These can be passed around, served by waiters, or set out on a single table for consumption. This allows for more interaction between guests and keeps the shower moving. If you want, you can even throw a tasting party, where guests have the opportunity to taste coffee, chocolate, wine, or some other delicacy.

3) Décor

The theme and décor of a bridal shower can set the scene for the entire celebration. Picking the color scheme is an important first step; find a set of colors that will look good in a bouquet and as frosting on cakes and cookies. Consult your bridal shower venue for suggestions and recommendations.

4) Arts & Crafts

Another way to make your bridal shower fun is to purchase some card stocks, ribbons, markers, scissors, stickers, and other art supplies and allow guests to create their own congratulations card. This is a fun replacement to the sign-in guest book.

5) Storytelling

If your wedding shower isn’t too big, give each guest a minute or two to tell a story about the bride or her own marriage. You’d be surprised how much knowledge you can gain from an elder relative.