When Should You Hire A Bellydancer For Your Party?

While you may be able to entice some poor cash-strapped bellydancer to perform at your bachelor party or chauvinistic all-male business meeting, the majority of professional bellydancers consider themselves artists, not “entertainers,” and most will balk at comparisons to strippers, burlesque dancers, and escorts. In fact, the type of bellydancers you find at Los Angeles banquet halls like Olivia Restaurant work very hard to perfect their craft and prefer to be treated as professionals, not objectified or handled like playthings.

To make sure you’re hiring a belly dancer for the right reasons (and the right occasion), Olivia Restaurant would like to share a clever infographic we found on Naima’s Bellydance Blog. Once you’ve made sure that a bellydancer is a good fit for your social or corporate event, call Olivia Restaurant for help booking a professional dancer.


Olivia Restaurant Blog - Belly Dancer 01