Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

pumpkin centerpiece with candlesThanksgiving is coming! Thanksgiving: the Holiday of family and friends coming together to give thanks, including a huge menu that makes you go into a food coma after consumption. If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner the first thing you want to focus on is your Holiday decoration. If you’re home is already decorated with fall colors and seasonal accessories such as leaves of fall colors or pumpkins, then you don’t need to worry. Thanksgiving is a fall Holiday so it goes into the fall theme of décor. Let’s go to the table decoration then, where a centerpiece is a must. The centerpiece of Thanksgiving is a great accent to Thanksgiving dinner; it stands as a representation. You can go with the classic cornucopia that reminds you of the fall time harvest. If you think a cornucopia is too simple and you want to add some character, you can use fall-hue flowers and ornaments or harvest fruits and vegetables to put inside your cornucopia. You should use the fall rich shades such as ruby, purple, or orange, and can incorporate apples, grapes, and cranberries into your cornucopia. If you’re not a fan of cornucopia’s then you can use a pumpkin for your centerpieces, if you prefer to go fresh you can use a pumpkin shell after carving the inside of the pumpkin out. You can put flowers coming out of the pumpkin, using the pumpkin as a holder of the flowers and it makes the pumpkin look like a cute basket full of flowers; using orange and yellows for flowers look lovely with the pumpkin centerpiece. If you don’t want to go the natural route of putting a fresh pumpkin, you can go with a candle or candles. For the fall season, there are pumpkin molded candles out there. You can use the pumpkin molded candles on a design plate and put some artificial fruits and vegetables-you would be surprised how natural they’re making artificial décor look: been fooled myself. Whatever idea you choose, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice when you put the centerpiece on the table and feel Thanksgiving!