Modern Bridal Shower Themes

bluehawaiiancocktailSo you’re engaged, yet can’t figure out what to do for your bridal shower. First things first, figure out who you want to invite and how small or big you want your guest list. Once you figure out how many guests, then you could get the ball rolling with bridal shower themes and ideas. Figure out what interests you which will make it easy for you to pick a theme or for whoever that’s going to throw your bridal show for you. Pick something that you will enjoy doing and have enjoyed doing in past times.  You’re probably sick of the same games being played over and over again over the last decade, like the toilet paper dresses game-ugggh! What would you like to share with your guests? If you consider yourself an unconventional bride, we have some interesting alternatives for modern times that don’t sound mundane and different from the same old.

Honeymoon Themes. Think about where you’ve picked for your honeymoon destination and get inspired with all the things that relate to that destination. Say your honeymoon destination is a tropical place like Tahiti, create your shower with decorations, food, and drinks that have to do with tropical islands such as tiki torches, bamboo made items, and mixed cocktail drinks with umbrellas. You can even play limbo and challenge each other: super fun!

Wine Tasting Themes.  You don’t need to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate wine tasting. You can have a wine tasting menu paired with cheeses and fruits or sweets. If you’re a chocolate lover or dessert lover, you can have your wine menu offer pairings of wine specifically for sweets; this will surely satisfy all the people who have a sweet tooth-including you!

Get Pampered Themes.  If you want to relax and pamper yourself and your guests, you can go with this theme. Pampering comes in all forms. You can have aestheticians come by and give facials to you and your guests. Another idea is a Mani-Pedi for yourself and your guests. You can choose whatever you want where you feel pampered and relaxed to easy the stress for the weeks ahead until your special day!