Quinceañera Style: Choosing the Perfect Dress for Every Girl

At her quinceañera, a niña becomes a young lady and makes her official entrance into society. In families and communties where this tradition is observed, a girl and her mother choose the quinceañera dress with the same care and consideration that will one day be invested in choosing her wedding gown. The dress selection affects all other stages of planning the celebration, as the dress color and style will dictate the color scheme, theme, and aesthetic of the event itself.

More than ever before, teen girl fashion offers an incredible variety of looks to suit every style, theme, budget, size, and occasion, and formal wear is no exception. A girl’s quinceañera calls for an unforgettable dress, and as these traditionally Latin celebrations become more and more commonplace in the U.S., dress designers and manufacturers are taking notice and offering as many different dress designs as there are girls to wear them.
We know all of these options can be overwhelming, so check out these looks to find a dress that suits your style!


Classic Cutie
Traditionally, a girl wears white or a pastel color for her quinceañera. Most of the traditional styles include full skirts with several layers of hand-sewn ruffles and colorful trim, resulting in an overall look that is dramatic yet demure.

princess2 princess1

Princess Perfection
Every girl wants to feel like a princess on her special day, and these dresses will have you looking the part. Features like ballgown skirts, bead and sequin accents, and ribbon lacing will make you look like you’ve stepped out of a fairy tale.

elegant1 elegant2

Elegant Ella
The quinceañera ceremony and reception are all about setting a girl on the path to womanhood, and girls often want to look very mature for these celebrations of growing up. Simple cuts, classical lines, and fabrics in neutral hues like black and white offer girls sophistication and elegance.

retro1 retro2

Retro Radiance
From the long bias-cut sheaths of the 1920s to Rita Hayworth’s full-skirted 40s numbers, there’s a wealth of exquisite gowns from other decades to inspire your quinceañera look. Look like a silver screen dream in the silhouettes of a bygone era!

daring1 daring2

Daring Diva
If you’re a young fashionista with an eye for trends, a flair for the dramatic, and a creative vision, there are plenty of age-appropriate designs on the market to help you make a splash at your quinceañera celebration. Bright colors and prints, artistic accents, and eye-catching textures will have you feeling impossibly glamorous, and show everyone that when it comes to style, you make your own rules.

chameleon1 chameleon2

The Chameleon
If you just can’t decide on one style for the celebration, you don’t necessarily have to. For events that consist partly of a solemn occasion like a church ceremony or family gathering and partly of a reception afterward, it’s common for the guest of honor to have a different dress for each setting. If two dresses aren’t in your budget, some very clever designers have started making two-way dresses. In these designs, your parents get to see you in the full ruffled skirt of the traditional quinceañera dress at church, which you can remove for the reception to convert your look into a cute, stylish party dress– everybody wins!

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