Creating An In-House Catering Menu

catering services background with snacks and glasses of wine onChoosing the catering menu is an important step in planning an event. Olivia is a 150-guest event space with a full service kitchen and many options for custom in-house catering to save you a step.

We have quite a bit of experience in catering events, providing guests with good quality, professionally prepared cuisine to spice up some of the most important events of their lives. When helping guests finalize their catering selections, it’s often productive to walk them through some basic questions. We’re sharing those guidelines here to provide insight and expertise to even more event hosts! Read on for a step by step consideration of key points for planning.

  • Who are your guests? Consider the type of event and who will be attending. Is it a small, casual party like a baby shower or low-key wedding, where the mood will be festive and the guests will be primarily friends, family, and other personal connections? Or is it a corporate event or formal celebration, where upscale dress and high-end refreshments are required?
  • How many options can you provide? If you want to serve a seated, traditional meal, it’s best to have at least two menu options for guests to choose, particularly if many of your guests have restrictions. Providing a vegetarian/vegan option is always advisable.
  • What’s in season? A meal prepared using local, seasonal produce will always taste better and be of a higher quality than something prepared with ingredients preserved and freighted in. Following seasonal flow can also provide a wonderful, subtle theme to your event.
  • What’s on the schedule? Is there a program of events taking place during which food will be eaten, a program followed by a meal and social hour, or is the event strictly for socializing and circulating? This will determine how much and what kind of food you choose. For example, a seated dinner for an event with a precise schedule compared to hors d’ouevres and pass-arounds for a more relaxed itinerary.

These questions can help you prepare and focus to put together the perfect catering menu for any event you have to plan. To reserve Olivia for your event and learn more about custom in-house catering options, contact us now!