Justice of the peace wedding

5 Ways To Make A Justice Of The Peace Wedding Special

There are many reasons a couple may decide to have a justice of the peace wedding. It’s a popular choice with couples who may not be particularly religious, who want to prevent family drama, who are getting married a second time, who just don’t want to deal with the planning or stress, who don’t want […]

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Sad Bride for Wedding Mistakes

7 Common Wedding Mistakes That Couples Make When Planning

Everyone knows that planning a wedding is a big task, and it isn’t often that couples plan a wedding without having a few mishaps happen. Sometimes they’re big and sometimes they’re small, but mistakes and errors do happen. To learn from and avoid the same errors that other couples have made, here are some common […]

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Christening A Baby

Important Steps To Planning A Christening Celebration

Many new parents who are religious want to make sure their new child is baptized by the church as soon as it’s both possible and practical. There are lots of factors that go into scheduling and planning a christening, including the church’s availability and how long it may take parents to organize everything. Once a […]

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Bride Getting Ready For Her Big Day

Last Minute Wedding Details To Remember On The Big Day

The time before the wedding ceremony should be relaxing, fun, and exciting. However, too often it’s stressful and a little crazy. This can happen because of small details being forgotten, or simply because of the high anxiety of the day. Here are some important last minute wedding details to keep in mind that will help […]

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Golden Wedding Anniversary

6 Important Golden Wedding Anniversary Planning Tips

Whether you’re planning a Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration for yourself or for someone you love, it’s one of the sweetest parties to plan for! Golden Wedding Anniversaries honor a marriage that has lasted for 50 years, and that is very impressive! Golden Wedding Anniversaries are extra special because it’s not only a celebration for the […]

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Small Wedding

The Many Benefits Of A Small Wedding

While many couples throw a huge wedding with most of their friends and family, other couples prefer a smaller gathering with their absolute nearest and dearest. There are plenty of good reasons for this, from saving money to the couple simply wanting to have more time with their guests. A small wedding venue can also […]

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Baby Shower Head Table

Genius Baby Shower Gifts That Mommy Will Love

Baby showers are so much fun, but for guests, deciding on a baby shower gift can be nerve-racking. No one wants to give the 100th baby blanket of the day, homemade gifts can be met with poor reception, and you want to get something that’s actually useful. If you’re in the middle of planning a […]

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Armenian Wedding

Traditional Armenian Wedding Customs

Armenian weddings are known for being joyous, festival, beautiful, and traditional. They are taken seriously, and make quite the party, with large groups moving from home to home and to venue to venue. When it comes to traditions, there are some Armenian wedding customs that are sweet, funny, and romantic. Here are a few of them. The Khosk-Arnel […]

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How To Purchase The Perfect Wedding Cake

Every wedding deserves delicious catering, and while hors d’oeuvres and entrees are certainly important, your guests will definitely be looking forward to your wedding cake. After plenty of celebrating and partying, a great wedding cake is the perfect cap to your big day. But how do you find the perfect wedding cake? Purchasing a delicious wedding […]

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How To Accommodate Special Food Needs With Your Catering

From wedding receptions to corporate events, every special occasion need some delicious food. Your guests deserve nothing but the best catering, but it can be pretty challenging to please everyone, especially when you have guests with special food needs. You might not deal with them yourself, but many folks have particular diets, food allergies, or […]

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Bon Appétit! Questions To Ask Your Wedding Catering Service

Everything about your wedding day should be perfect, and that definitely includes your catering. You want to impress friends, family, and other guests with delicious dining. From tantalizing hors d’oeuvres to a classy main course, your guests deserve nothing but the best food on your wedding day. But how do you choose the right wedding catering […]

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