Olivia Restaurant Gets a Facelift!

It has been a busy couple of months for Olivia Restaurant!

In addition to the launch of our new website, we have also completed the remodel of our actual building. Although beautiful before, the facelift has takenOliviaRestaurantinBurbankto new heights of grandeur for your dining experience.

We know that Olivia serves the finest Mediterranean food in town, so we wanted our décor to reflect that excellence. Next time you stop by, check out the new wall decoration, center chandelier, the ceiling. Or, if you have time now, simply take our virtual tour to see it all from the comfort of your computer.

The other big change was relocating the bar over to the lounge area, which just makes sense. Now there is more seating space for diners and the casual crowd can sip on top-shelf cocktails in the lounge.

Host Corporate & Private Events at Olivia

The changes allowed us to have more room for corporate events and private events. Now, we can accommodate larger parties and have a dedicated space for people who just want to enjoy a beverage.

The new décor thoroughly increases the elegance of the establishment. Not that we were a dive before, but now the luxury radiates from every inch of our restaurant. The new chandelier, the walls, the lighting, the table settings, and the wait staff all contribute to the incredible atmosphere.

If you are planning your business’ corporate event or finding a venue to host a private party inLos Angeles, check outOliviaRestaurant. We service delicious Mediterranean food with dancing, live entertainment, DJs, a belly dancer, salsa nights, and more!

Stop in to see our remodeled facility and stay for the cuisine and environment.