Host Your Corporate Parties at Olivia!

Olivia Restaurant wants you to host your corporate parties and events at our lovely venue!

Rewarding your employees for all their hard work is an age-old tactic that successful keeps morale high. Whether it is monetary bonuses or vacation time, people always love getting recognized for their contributions to the company.

But a corporate party is a financially viable way to treat your staff that leaves a lasting memory. Take the entire staff out for lunch at Olivia Restaurant on a Friday afternoon, and then let them go home early afterwards. This is an unexpected treat that everyone can appreciate.

Dinner Party with Mediterranean Food

The other option you can choose is to have a dinner party with your employees and their families. This can be a fun way for everyone to relax outside of the office.

Office parties often feel claustrophobic or forced. Nobody wants to celebrate at the same place where they spend 40 hours per week at a cubicle desk. So take the party away from your office building and into Olivia!

We have some of the most delicious Mediterranean food you will sink your teeth into in Los Angeles. Enjoy kofta, feta cheese and cucumber salad, spinach borek, and many other cuisines.

Rent Out Olivia

If you really want to impress your employees, you can rent out a section of Olivia Restaurant, possibly for holiday and Christmas parties. With our own dance floor, everyone will boogie deep into the night.

We are also a great space for award ceremonies, where you can hand out real awards for sales and goofy prizes for “Best Tie.” We can also accommodate any presentation needs you may have, such as projectors for Power Point slide shows.

So do your whole office a favor and head over to Olivia. No matter how you decide to do it, your employees won’t disagree when they’re chowing down on our Mediterranean food!

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