May The Force Be With You: Star Wars Themed Weddings!

In honor of the new Star Wars movie (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Olivia Restaurant scoured the internet for adorable Star Wars-themed wedding decoration, attire, and photos to inspire the Jedi within you. Before heading off to see the new film, check out some of our favorites here! (And may the Force be with you!)

R2D2 Photobombs Wedding Photos

In this beautiful shot, lovable Star Wars droid R2D2 photobombs a couple’s veranda wedding shoot. We’re not sure where they picked up the life-sized model, but we sure like that he came in appropriate attire. (Photo by Robin Sharp Photography.)

Death Star Cake

Over the top? Possibly. Awesome? Definitely! This Death Star wedding cake has everything a die-hard Star Wars couple could want, including light sabers and a touching description. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t explode! (Wedding cake designed and made by Cake Noveau.)

Vadar Force Choke Wedding Photo

This epic shot features the bride using Darth Vadar’s infamous “Force Choke” to subdue the male members of her bridal party. We’re not actually sure how they pulled this one off (cranes? perfectly-timed jumps?) but we totally love it! (Photo by RSB Photography.)

Star Wars Themed Runners

Anyone that’s ever seen a Star Wars film knows they begin with the exposition fading into the blackness of space. What better way for a couple to begin their own story together than with a custom-made Star Wars aisle runner. Amazing! (Custom-made by I Do! Aisle Runners.)

Light Saber Tunnel

Forget throwing rice! Star Wars fans everywhere will love the idea of a light saber tunnel, though we’re not entirely sure why the couple in this photo chose to ride stick-ponies for this occasion. It’s adorable, all the same! (Photo by Whitney Martin Photography.)

Storm Trooper cufflinks

Villains or not, Storm Troopers are an iconic part of the Star Wars franchise. These subtle cuff-links allow the groom to include a piece of his favorite films without going overboard. Brilliant, if you ask us! (Cuff-links by Purely 7 Studios.)

Light saber wedding photoNot all brides would be willing to go full Darth Maul for their wedding photos, and that’s just one of the reasons why this shot is so awesome. Again, we’re not sure where these couples are getting all these realistic replicas, but their dedication is commendable. (Photo by Michael James Photography.)

Star Wars Ring Holders

What’s cooler than Star Wars-themed wedding band holders? Uh, nothing. Keep your rings safe until the big moment, then deliver your bands to the alter in these amazing R2D2 and Death Star cases. (Found on

Epic Star Wars Wedding Photo

Photoshop can be incredible, especially when used for the right reasons! This couple’s epic wedding photo shows them ready to take on the world – or in this case, the Empire. (Photo by Steven-Kowalski-Photography.)