5 Ways To Make A Justice Of The Peace Wedding Special

Justice of the peace wedding

There are many reasons a couple may decide to have a justice of the peace wedding. It’s a popular choice with couples who may not be particularly religious, who want to prevent family drama, who are getting married a second time, who just don’t want to deal with the planning or stress, who don’t want to wait to get married, who want to save money, or who just want to keep it simple.

A justice of the peace wedding can save thousands and thousands of dollars, since typically there’s no bridal party, décor, wedding attire, flowers, and no big guest list. Because so much money can be saved by having a JP wedding, it’s very common for a couple to celebrate afterward with a party—a much more affordable party than an entire wedding.

Here are some ways that couples make their justice of the peace wedding and celebration afterward special.

Carry A Bridal Bouquet

Just because a bride may not be wearing an all-out wedding gown doesn’t mean she can’t look bridal. Many women choose to wear a simple dress (white or otherwise) and to carry a bouquet of fresh flowers for their justice of the peace ceremony.

Hire A Photographer

It’s still your wedding day, and you’ll want to remember it. By hiring a photographer (or at least asking a friend who’s good at taking pictures), you can make your justice of the peace wedding feel more special.

Ask About Wedding Vows

Depending on your state and officiant, you may still be able to say your own vows to one another. Typically, this isn’t “done” in a justice of the peace wedding ceremony, but some officiants will allow you to do so. If you want a justice of the peace ceremony but saying your own vows to each other is very important to you, speak to the courthouse beforehand to check the rules. They vary from county to county, and from officiant to officiant.

Still Make A Registry

Just because you’re not having a giant wedding doesn’t mean you can’t register for wedding gifts. Go ahead and make a registry if you want—after all, you’ll still need household items as newlyweds. Your family and friends will most likely be happy to buy you gifts that will help you start your married lives together.

Have A Great After-Party

As mentioned before, it’s very common for couples to have a celebration after their justice of the peace wedding. This party is usually just a small fraction of the cost of a regular wedding, and it’s a great way to make your wedding day feel like a wedding day! Invite as many or as little amount of guests as you wish. Most couples decide to hold this celebration at a restaurant or a banquet hall, since there’s already tables, chairs, food, and music included in these venues.

No matter what the reasons, a justice of the peace wedding is the right choice for many couples. If this is something you decide to do but you’d still like to celebrate your wedding after the civil ceremony, consider hosting with us at Olivia Restaurant. We have a large banquet hall that can fit 350+ guests, or we have smaller venues that are stylish and intimate. No matter what you’re looking for, we can accommodate you with one of our beautiful Los Angeles spaces, outstanding cuisine, and superior service. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to make your wedding day feel perfect.