Great Manly Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you’re throwing a big birthday bash for a close friend or planning a surprise party for the lucky man in your life, the experienced event planners at Olivia Restaurant can help give your celebration that perfect masculine touch. Follow these simple tips for hosting the “manliest” birthday party ever:

Manly Birthday Party Ideas

Tip #1. Set The Right Tone. Thoughtfully-selected tablecloths, color-coordinated balloons, carefully-curated gift-bags – be forewarned, these subtle decorating nuances may be lost on manlier birthday boys. Avoid feeling underappreciated when your boyfriend, husband, or buddy fails to comment on the hand-crafted birthday hats you stayed up all night making by opting for simple decorations that set a tone of refined elegance. Instead of decor, focus the majority of your energy on the guest list (guys will generally care more about hanging out with their friends and not what the venue looks like) and creating a great playlist full of his favorite songs and artists to play through Olivia’s state-of-the-art sound system. Finally, including some opportunities for competitions – like bringing in a ping-pong table or a couple “corn-hole” (or “bags”) boards – will give the party’s guests something to do and infuse some life into the event.

Bourbon Tasting

Tip #2. Include A Bourbon Tasting Station. Nothing says manliness like Bourbon. Or Scotch. Or Whiskey. Help the Man Of The Hour channel his inner Don Draper (from Mad Men, of course) by selecting a variety of top-shelf spirits for him and his party guests to sample. To impress even the most manly of attendees, Olivia Restaurant’s expert bartenders recommend stocking your tasting station with at least five the following:

  • Eagle Rare Aged 10 years
  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • Four Roses Small Batch
  • Knob Creek
  • Maker’s 46
  • Elijah Craig Aged 12 Years
  • Gentleman’s Jack
  • Woodford Master’s Collection
  • Buffalo Trace

Bacon Everything!

Tip #3. Bacon Everything. If there is one rule of thumb regarding manliness, it’s that men love bacon. Assuming your Jolly Good Fellow’s love of fatty, fried pork is not encumbered by religious principles or life-threatening allergies, bacon should be included in as many food items as possible. Need garnishes for the aforementioned bourbon tasting station? Beer-candied bacon strips. Looking to spice up your homemade Guinness Stout cupcakes with a little somethin’ extra? Crumble some crispy bacon on top. Wrap corn-on-the-cob in bacon, sprinkle it in vegetables, even dip bacon strips in chocolate – there is no such thing as “too much bacon.”

Superhero Cake (Photo By

Tip #4. Commision A Superhero Cake. Regardless of what they might say – and juvenile though it may seem – every man likes superheroes. In fact, we’re willing to bet that the special man or friend in your life even has a favorite comic book character (which he may or may not pretend to be while doing household chores or while weaving through traffic on his way to work). Whether it be a household name like Superman or an alter-ego unique only to the Birthday Boy (“Never fear, Pizza Man is here!”), having a special cake made is a great touch to any manly birthday party.

To discuss more ideas for your boyfriend, husband, or friend’s special birthday celebration, or to find out information about booking Olivia Restaurant, Contact Us anytime! We look forward to helping you bring your special event to life!