The Benefits of a Small Wedding

Many girls grow up envisioning a grand affair for their wedding, including a handsome prince, fancy ballroom, and tons of people celebrating. And while the lavish ideas are lovely, there is something very romantic about having a smaller wedding. Not to mention, some incredible benefits as well. Here are some of the top reasons why you should plan a small wedding.

Enjoy Far Less Stress

One of the biggest drawbacks to a large wedding is that it comes with added stress. The larger the event, the more you have to coordinate, organize, manage and make sure is perfect for your special day. One of the top tips from newlyweds from the wedding blog Bridal Guide was to be present in every moment. But when you’re overwhelmed with a large wedding with too many guests, it can be impossible to do so. A small wedding is much more manageable than a large wedding and allows the bride and groom to spend more time and energy on the things that matter most, like ensuring both of you are happy, and your family and friends are taken care of.

Save Money (Or Splurge on Other Areas!)

The most practical benefit of having a small wedding is the ability to save money. When working with a smaller budget, you can save money by trimming your guest list down to the must-have family and friends. And a smaller guest list means you can potentially splurge on other aspects of your wedding. Even if you don’t need to have a small wedding for financial reasons, many couples choose to do so because it allows them to put their budget where they truly want it. This may be the venue, a great band, a spectacular honeymoon, or a down payment on a house. Whatever the reason, you will end up with all of your closest family and friends by your side, without having to break the bank to achieve a beautiful wedding.

Relax in a More Intimate Atmosphere

Larger weddings have a tendency to be impersonal, and many times, the bride and groom don’t get the chance to speak to all of their guests. And we’re not talking about engaging in a deep conversation with each and every person, but even a simple “thanks for coming!” Your guests probably won’t feel very special if you don’t even acknowledge their existence on your wedding day. A small wedding allows you to enjoy the day with the people who matter most and in which you get the chance to speak with and thank while still having plenty of time to dance and eat some cake. And when it comes to your guests, they will appreciate being able to spend a few moments with you, especially if they traveled from out of town.

Benefit From More Options and Customization

Every bride, no matter their style, background or location, longs for plenty of options for their wedding day. Everyone has a different idea of what they want their wedding to be, and when you have a small wedding, not only can you afford more options, but more open up to you as well. This gives brides and grooms the opportunity to choose what they truly want for their wedding, rather than having to settle on what happens to be available and which can fit all of their guests. Smaller guest lists mean you can choose from so many different types of venues, including secluded gardens, traditional ballrooms, or elegant restaurants. Couples can customize their wedding to their personalities, not the other way around.

A wedding isn’t supposed to be a production; it is supposed to be a reflection of you and your spouse. The best way to accomplish this and to create a memorable wedding for everyone involved is to make it a small affair. You won’t regret it when you look back on the big day and you realize you were able to be present in every moment.