Mediterranean Cuisine: Kebab

What is Shish Kebab?

The kebab is familiar to most Americans, but the typical image is that of a shish kebab, or meat served on skewers. But Middle Eastern cuisine defines kebab as any meat cooked over or next to flames, not just the ones on skewers.

The term “shish” is Armenian for “skewer” and signifies that it is meat and vegetables cooked on metal or wooden sticks. In English, kebab usually implies shish kebab.

In order to meet our customers’ expectations, our kebabs are served on skewers. You are then free to bite them off the stick or slide them onto your plate to eat with your utensils.

History of the Kebab

The term “kebab” is Persian in origin and has Arabic roots. It is believed that the origin comes from a lack of fuel to cook meat, forcing other methods to be tested. It is thought that medieval Persian soldiers used their swords to cook meat over a fire, like campers with marshmallows.

Additionally, there are 13th century reports of the kebab in India, often served with naan, and 8th century B.C. writers like Homer and Aristotle included mentions of a similar dish in their literature.

This is a dish with a long history!

Meet the Meat

The biggest difference between Olivia Restaurant’s kebabs is the type of meet used. We offer chicken, beef, lamb, shrimp, and pork. These are marinated in a variety of seasonings and spices, such as lemon, garlic, tomato, and onions. We use special house marinades to create deliciously tender meats and vegetables.

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