Happy Valentine’s Day from Olivia Restaurant!

Heart on Hearts on HeartsCan you feel the love in the air today? Valentine’s Day is a time for romance and emotion; areas we deal with every week of the year.

As one of the top wedding venues in Los Angeles, Olivia Restaurant has experience catering to brides and grooms as they prepare for their big day. We’ve seen it all: wild theme weddings, bridezilla meltdowns, flawless receptions, and even true love.

If you are planning to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, or think you will be the recipient of the big question, then consider Olivia for all your marital needs. Our venue is large enough for an engagement party, wedding reception, or anniversary celebration.

We employ staff members to be friendly and accommodating. Whether it is planning a color scheme, picking the menu, searching for a photographer, or making sure every detail is perfect, we will be there to assist every step of the way.

Enjoy this romantic holiday and know that Olivia Restaurant is here to help. If you are planning a budget wedding, take a tour of our venue and inquire as to what rates we can offer.

Happy Valentine’s Day!