Olivia Restaurant’s Comprehensive Event Planning Checklist

Olivia Restaurant Blog - Event Planning Checklist

Whether you’re planning an extravagant wedding reception or coordinating an important charitable event, Olivia Restaurant’s comprehensive event planning checklist will help you stay organized in the months leading up to your party, gala, or conference. If you have any questions or concerns, allow Olivia Restaurant’s experienced event planners to help you navigate the often-confusing process of booking, scheduling, and finalizing every detail.

6-8 Months Before The Event

   Establish Event Goals & Objectives
   Based On Objectives & Event Size, Select Possible Venues
   Get Cost Estimates For Venue Rental, Catering, Equipment, Speaker Fees, Etc.
   Create A Budget
   Reserve A Venue & Set Event Date
   Recruit Event Committee / Hire Event Coordinators
   If Corporate Event, Create & Launch Publicity Campaign
   Identify & Book Speakers / Presenters / Entertainers / Priests
   If Charitable Event, Identify & Contact Possible Sponsors / Partners

3-4 Months Before The Event

   Finalize Event Schedule
   Make All Travel & Accommodation Arrangements
   Sign Contracts For Venue Rental, Catering, & Vendors
   If Needed, Investigate Need For & Acquire Special Permits, Licenses, Insurance, Etc.
   Arrange Details Regarding Parking, Sign-In Tables, Security Detail, Etc.
   Attend Menu Tasting / Finalize Event Menu / Commission Cake
   Create Event Script For MC, Speaker Introductions, & Closing Remarks, If Needed
   If Corporate Event, Develop Publicity Pieces Like Newsletters, Blog Posts, & Press Releases
   Request Logos & Biographical Material From Corporate Sponsors
   Develop & Print Invitations, Programs, Posters, Tickets, Etc.
   Formally Invite Media Outlets, If Needed
   Create Event Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Etc.)
   Book Photographer & Videographer
   Register Your Event On Online Event Calendars

2 Months Before The Event

   Finalize Guest List & Make Seating Arrangements
   Reconfirm Speakers, Entertainment, & Catering Services
   Reconfirm Travel Arrangements & Accommodation Details
   If A Corporate or Charitable Event, Release Press Release Regarding Notable Attendees
   Reserve Tuxedos And Dresses

1 Week Before The Event

   Arrange Meeting Of Committee Chairs & Double-Check Backup Plans (If Applicable)
   Finalize Event Script
   Speak With & Inform Hosts, Greeters, & Volunteers About Their Event Duties
   Finalize Seating Arrangements & Create Place Cards
   Provide Final Guest Count To Caterer
   Make Copies Of All Speeches, Videos, Presentation Materials, Etc.
   Determine & Confirm Photo & Interview Opportunities With Presenters, VIPs etc.

The Day Before The Event

   Confirm Time & Place For Media Or Photographer
   Dress Rehearsal / Audio & Video Check / Lighting Check
   Ensure Tables Are Prepared & Stocked With Necessary Items
   Bring All Non-Food Items, Gifts, Plaques, Etc. To Venue

The Day Of The Event

   Go Over Last-Minute Details / Trust Your Planning Will Pay Off
   Have Fun!

For more great advice and other event planning articles, visit the Olivia Restaurant Entertainment Blog or contact Olivia Restaurant today to meet with one of our professional event coordinators.