Plan Your Bar Mitzvah With Olivia’s Helpful Infographic!

Planning your son, grandson, or nephew’s Bar Mitzvah can be a lot of hard work, and nothing is worse than procrastinating! To help you stick to our recommended timeline, Olivia Restaurant has constructed this handy Bar Mitzvah Preparation Infographic. Print it! Use it! (Just don’t forget to finalize your event venue 6-12 months in advance!) Mazel Tov!

Bar Mitzvah Preparation

Olivia Restaurant Bar Mitzvah Infographic

2 Years Before The Bar Mitzvah

  • Obtain a date from your Synagogue
  • Set a budget
  • Decide on what kind of Bar Mitzvah you would like to have
  • Estimate the number of guests

1 1/2 Years Before The Bar Mitzvah

  • Finalize the party theme and color scheme
  • Start contacting potential venue locations
  • Think about what type of food you want to serve at the celebration
  • Begin researching DJs and bands for party entertainment

6-12 Months Before The Bar Mitzvah

  • Start looking at different Bar Mitzvah announcements
  • Finalize the venue for the Bar Mitzvah celebration
  • Decide on a caterer and sign a contract for their services
  • Choose the DJ or band for the party

6-8 Months Before the Bar Mitzvah

  • Book a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests

3-6 Months Before The Bar Mitzvah

  • Order Bar Mitzvah announcements

3 Months Before The Bar Mitzvah

  • Finalize the guest list
  • Weigh completely assembled announcements to ensure correct postage
  • Find a calligrapher (or address the announcements yourself)
  • Buy stamps
  • Finalize all of your food selections for the party’s menu

6-8 Weeks Before The Bar Mitzvah

  • Mail you Bar Mitzvah announcements

2-3 Week Before The Bar Mitzvah

  • Final RSVPs due
  • Make seating araangements for the party
  • give final head count to the caterer