Award Ceremonies: Give Your Employees Their Due Praise!

As October winds down, only two months remain in the 2013 calendar year. It is around this time that bosses start planning their holiday parties as a treat for their employees.

But why not mix it up this year- throw a little twist into the celebration and reward everyone’s hard work with an awards ceremony!

Instead of the typical holiday party with green and red tinsel, cake, Secret Santas, and eggnog, put together some award categories to acknowledge a year full of tireless effort and give praise to your staff.

Here are a few tips top make the event a blast:

1) Host it away from the office. People can’t relax at the place where they file papers and sell products year round, so take it out of the corporate building. We suggest Olivia Restaurant, which offers a fun atmosphere, private reservations, competitive pricing, plenty of space, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

2) Make it fun! This doesn’t have to be completely serious, so come up with wacky awards like goofiest neckties, best spirit, and most desktop trinkets.

3) Congratulate the staff. Your business could not operate without your employees, so recognize their contributions with awards like top salesperson, best new staff member, and best assistant.

4) Offer prizes for awards. You can have trophies made for employees, which will serve as a great reminder of the evening, but you can also provide gift cards, electronics, DVDs, candy, or other rewards for employees who earn awards.

5) Invite the families. If you choose to leave the office, find a Los Angeles venue that is large enough for all your employees and their family members, like Olivia. That way spouses and children can join in on the excitement and share the moment of recognition for a job well-done.

Hope these tips help make your holiday parties just a bit more exciting this year.