8 Simple Tips For A Budget-Friendly Graduation Party

budget-friendly graduation party

The fall school semester has just started, and your kids might be entering their last year of school, whether it’s high school or college. With that in mind, you may want to start thinking about planning their graduation party. Maybe you want to host an event with all of their school friends, or perhaps with just the family and a few friends. Depending on the number of guests, planning a party like this can get expensive. If you’re trying to keep your costs low, we’ve got some great tips for a budget-friendly graduation party.

1. Find The Right Venue

finding the right venue - budget-friendly graduation party

If you’re going to host a party outside of your home, you’ll want to find the right event venue to host your budget-friendly graduation party.

Go with an all-inclusive event venue to help save money. Finding a space with in-house catering, tables, chairs, décor, a good sound system for music, etc. is the smartest, since you won’t have to pay for outside catering or rent furniture. (Bonus: someone else will have to do the clean-up!)

Ideally, you’ll want a location with a friendly staff that can accommodate the number of guests you have comfortably. You’ll also want somewhere that has a bar for your adult guests.

2. Keep The Guests To A Minimum

This might be difficult to do depending on how you want to organize your event, but keeping your guests at a minimum can go a long way towards helping you host a budget-friendly graduation party.

Start with deciding what kind of party you want to have. If you decide to host a party for your child and their friends, that also most likely means inviting their parents as well—and that can start to really add to your guest list.

You might decide to host a party simply for your child and some close relatives. This should help keep your guest list low (unless you’ve got a huge family!).

3. DIY Decorations

DIY decorations - budget-friendly graduation party

Instead of buying elaborate decorations, consider taking the time to make them yourself. This is where planning ahead will come in handy.

You’d be surprised what you can do with a quick trip to your local crafts store, the flea market, and Pinterest ideas. Keep in mind that making your own decorations will take time, but what you spend in time you’ll save in money for your budget-friendly graduation party.

4. Consider Having A Potluck

One of the simplest ways to help keep a low budget for your party is to consider having a potluck.

Ask your guests to bring a dish to share with everyone. This way everyone pitches in to the cost of the food, and you can allocate some of your budget to other areas of the party.

You can either assign specific dishes to the guests, or simply ask them to bring whatever they like.

5. Save On Invitations

Depending on how many guests you have, postage can get expensive. Instead of spending money on paper, envelopes, ink, and postage, consider saving money by using e-invites.

Find out the emails of your guests, and use one of the many free e-invite websites such as Evite.

6. Be Your Own DJ

be your own dj - budget-friendly graduation party

Of course, every great party has great music! Your son or daughter is definitely going to want to party at his or her graduation party.

Instead of hiring a professional DJ, one way to save is to provide the music yourself. If you have a music-streaming account such as Spotify or Pandora, you can make a playlist yourself for free.

And if you don’t know what music your kids might like, here’s a great music playlist to use.

7. Take Your Guests Up On Their Offers

Much too often, our guests ask, “What can I bring?” and we say, “Oh, nothing!”

As a host, this is very easy to do—but this time, instead of saying “nothing”, take your guests up on their offers.

If you need extra chairs, help with decorations, or assistance with the food, SAY YES. Your guests are offering for a reason. They genuinely don’t mind helping out, so take advantage of their kindness!

8. Limit Drink Choices

Instead of having an elaborate menu for drinks, try limiting the number of drink choices for the graduation party.

Having too many options means that you’ll need to buy a variety of different drinks and alcohol. If you want to keep the graduation party budget-friendly, decide on only a few drink choices for your guests. They won’t mind, and you’ll save.

Hopefully these tips help you save quite a bit on your child’s graduation party. Good luck, and have a blast!